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National links:
Environmental and Climate Change  Ministry
Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry
Ministry for European Integration
National Environmental Protection Agency
Romanian Speleological Federation
“Romanian Waters” National Administration
National Environmental Guard
National Institute for Environment Protection Research and Development ICIM Bucharest
National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management
Pedological and Agrochemical Research Institute
Forest Research and Management Institute
Romanian NGOs
Database of Romanian bat species
Other LIFE projects in Romania:
Long-term conservation of Pinus nigra banatica LIFENAT04/RO/000225
The Conservative Management of Habitat 8310 from Semenic – Cheile Caraşului Site LIFE07 NAT/RO/000680
Conservation of Falco vespertinus in the Panonian Region LIFE05 NAT/H/000122
International Links:
LIFE Programme
European Union Portal
Council of the European Union
European Commission
European Parliament
European Environment Agency (EEA)
Natura 2000
European Union Legislation Portal
Court of Justice of the European Union
Green Public Procurement
European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET)
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes (UNFCCC)
Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

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