2013 Interschool contest ” Bats are our fiends”

2012 – The UN International Year of Water and the Year of the Bat

In October 2012 the Batlife team accepted the European Environmental Agency’s invitation to participate at the event entitled Culture Night 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event took place on the 12th of October and the programs at the EEA focused on water and bats, in honor of The UN International Year of Water and the Year of the Bat. During this event we had the possibility to present the project „Bat conservation in Pădurea Craiului, Bihor and Trascău Mountains” and its achievements, and also present interesting information about bats and their conservation to approximately 6.200 visitors.

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Secvențe al documentarului despre viața liliecilor

The children’s book

We developed a book  about bats for children in kindergartens and elementary schools. In this book are explaned the basics informations about bats through a story, making it more accessible for target generation. The book contains a series of worksheets to practice and test the accumulated knowledge by children. The books are written in Romanian and Hungarian languages.



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