2013 The final phase of the interschool competition. The trip.

Friday, 6/14/2013, 43 winners of the interschool competition ”Bats are our friends “- and their teachers – went on a trip that ends the contest. Deployment path of the trip was: Oradea – Sudrigiu – Meziad – Oradea. The children went by coach from Oradea to the administration of Apuseni Natural Park in Sudrigiu, where parks director – Alin Moș –  talked about the park, caves and bats that are found in the park to the children. Children participated in intercactive games aimed to verify the knowledge about the bats, their ecology and their protection. The juniors were receptive and interested in the subject matter, knowledge is perfectly combined with fun specific childhood interactive games. Students answer questions correctly and showed that they have assimilated the information that was transmitted.

The next stage of the trip took place in Meziad Cave – one of the most important underground roost for bats in Bihor County. Upon entering the cave, the children were aware of the importance of this cave for bats, rules of behavior in an underground habitat, were discussed and analyzed superstitions about bats – to ensure that there are no questions or concerns regarding bats. Then the students visited the cave on arranged tourist route , along the route were observed many bats, children were delighted to observe bats live in their natural habitat – this being  the purpose of the trip.

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