08.08.2013. Twinning with Mass Media

On 08/08/2013 at Hotel Continental Oradea we held a Twinning with Local Media regarding bat protection. The meting was attended by representatives of local and national media, in total the meting was attended by 16 journalists.

During the meeting, the project manager Szodoray-Paradi Farkas presented general information about bat protecting – the national and European legislation, the reasons why bats need to be protected, presented the objectives and results achieved in the project. The journalists watched the documentary film of the project, participants received brochures, pens, badges and caps.

The meeting continued with a field visit in Țiclu and Aștileu Cave. The participants had the opportunity to see more results of the project: at the entrance we placed a informative sign with the description of the bat species present in this cave, specifying the time intervals when the cave can be accessed without disturbing the bats, the most important rules of behavior in the cave. This cave was closed (within the project activities) because it hosts significant colonies of bats during the birth and young razing period. The journalists had the opportunity to enter the cave and see the bat colonies inside. Upon entering the cave, the project manager Szodoray-Paradi Farkas and bat specialists Richard Hoffmann and Csaba Jere answered  all the press questions about project activities and results.

The field visit continued to the Astileu Cave. This cave also was closed during the project. This cave is the shelter for a birth colony during the summer.

This meeting is a very important step for informing local and national media about the achievements of the project, the results achieved in bat conservation and to eradicate the  myths and superstitions about them.

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