2013. Ecological education within the student summer practice – Doda Pilii

In 8-15.07.2013 at Doda Pilii (Cluj county), took place the summer practice of the Biology and Geology Faculty (Babes-Bolyai University), where were present 25 students.
The main reason of these practice was for the students to familiarize with the most important and known methods of ecologic study on the field. For the bat study from the area was requested the support of the Life Team. For this purpose, at the visiting center of the Apuseni Natural Park, the project manager Szodoray-Paradi Farkas, has presented to the students the general informations about the project, the aim, the objectives and the results of the project, informations about the bat species in the area, about the ecological importance of bats. He also talked about the stalactites and stalagmites of karst caves, about the caves from the Apuseni Region and the rules of behaviour in the underground.
The bat study took place at the entrance of Smeilor Cave from Onceasa and Humpleu. Participants were explained and presented the closing action  of the cave, and then, together with the experts, was installed a net to capture bats at the entrance of the cave, so that they could identify the species present there. The capturing took place for about 4 hours and the students identified a few species of bats. The second part of the action took place at the entrance of the cave from Humpleu.
These action is part of the ecological education held in these project, having particular importance for understanding bat. Because it is an attractive and interactive method of study with the students on the fild, is a more efficient analise of the environment factors and the bats in nature- in their habitat. These whole activity would give informations to the future teachers ( the students who were present at the action) about the ecosystem.

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