2013. Trip to the Nature Park Cefa

In September 2013 took place an ecological education activity in Cefa Nature Park. This activity was attended by students from the General School no. 1 from Cefa and Inand, total 45 participants. The activity started at the Cefa Nature Park Visitor Centre (being administered by Apuseni Nature Park Administration) where the education specialist, Philemon Claudiu, presented the project goals, objectives and achievements. Then the children have the opportunity to watch the movie about bats made in the project. To check the knowledge gained by children, each student was given one questionnaire.

The work continued with field trip in Cefa Nature Park – In The Rădvani Forest where bats specialist Richard Hoffmann presented to the participants the artificial shelters installed in the project, he explained why it is necessary to install this kind of housing, what bat species are present in the Nature Park Cefa, general rules of behavior. Students have shown a big interest, asked questions and provoked discussion on the protection of bats. The activity ended with the return to the Visitor Centre.

It is particularly important to involve in the excursions the students from areas where bats are present, especially where are taken special measures of protection for explaining to the children the importance of bats in their area.

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