September 2013. Activity at the Padiș Visiting Center

On the 3-rd of October 2013, was held the trip with the Buntești, Buduroasa and Pietroasa Schools, at the Padiș Visiting Center. The activity was attended by 47 pupils accompanied by seven teachers.

To the participants was presented the LIFE project, the need for bat protection, the present species in the area, the habitats and the protection measures. The park ranger gave an oral presentation about the Apuseni Natural Park and the Padis visitor center.

After the oral presentations,  interactive educational activities were held as follows:

  • Pupils were grouped in 3 teams. In each team were assigned pupils from every school. The first game was called “Bats and Butterflies”. The aim of this game was to put in practice the information learned during the ecological education activity, namely, to observe how the echolocation works. It involves the pupils forming a circle of a diameter of about 3-5 meters. After a pupil was elected to play the role of a “bat” and 3-5 pupils the “butterflies”.
  • The second game was called “Why do we need trees?”. The goal of this game was to simulate the consequences of deforestation for the living world. Children were asked at the end of the game if they have learned something from the game. They all agreed that trees are important, providing habitats for creatures.

Following this event it could be observe the effect of environmental education activities conducted in schools in the frame of the project. Besides that, this helped pupils change their view on bats and helped them to assimilate information on their biology and ecology.

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