Project implementation area

The project is implemented on the territory of 3 counties: Bihor, Cluj and Alba. The monitoring of bat species and caves, which are included in the project, is realized in Bihor, Pădurea Craiului and Trascău Moutains. Undertaken actions aim to establish and implementing the best protection practices for bats and their cave habitat, which are included in Habitate Directive.

All target caves from the project are included in Natura 2000 sites:

Site Code
Apuseni-Vlădeasa Mountains and Apuseni ROSPA0081 and ROSCI0002
Betfia ROSCI0008
Cefa Fishery – Rădvani Forest and Cefa ROSPA0098 and ROSCI0025
Crişul Alb ROSCI0048
Crişul Negru ROSCI0049
Crişul Repede upstream Oradea ROSCI0050
Crişului Negru Gorge ROSCI0061
Crişului Repede Gorge – Pădurea Craiului ROSCI0062
Ferice – Plai ROSCI0084
Crişul Repede Lower Meadow ROSCI0104
Alparea Forest ROSCI0145
Goronişte Forest ROSCI0155
Vaşcău Plateau ROSCI0200
Tăşad ROSCI0240
Trascău Mountains ROSPA0087
Trascău ROSCI0253
Iad Valley ROSCI0262

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